EMI Transparent Filter

EMI Transparent Filter: We guarantee full support for your applications standard and customized

Necessity of protection from Electromagnetic Interference exists in correspondence of cabinet openings though which there is the need to look at monitors equipment or bright indicators or measure display instruments or other.

Such “windows” as LCDs, LEDs or CRTs, can be shielded with the our SHIELDED WINDOWS (EMI Transparent Filter).

» Plexiglas cast with wire cloth

  • a) absolutely colourless and clear
  • b) unequalled resistance to weathering and ageing
  • c) largely UV-absorbing

» Polycarbonate STRATIFIED with wire cloth (on request UL94 V-0)

  • a) high impact resistance
  • b) excellent flammability performance
  • c) good stiffness and strength

» Glass stratified with wire cloth

  • a) high scratch and chemical resistance
  • b) excellent optical clarity and transmission

The wire mesh of EMI Transparent Filters can be blackened COPPER (blackened), STEEL natural or burnished, phosphor bronze and BRASS.

All types of EMI Transparent Filter can be offered with a double layer of wire mesh to increase the screening capacity.