Stanag 4569 glass lev 3 & Bullet proof glass | Conductive glass & Laminated glass

Bullet Proof Glass & Laminated glass : STANAG GLASS

Bullet Resistant Glass NATO STANAG 4569 AEP – 55 Level 2 and Level 3

The Bullet Proof Glass is a transparent composite product.

It is a stratified object composed of various transparent sheets of glass alternating with layers of polycarbonate glued by means of a particular cycle of high pressure, vacuum and temperature in the autoclave.

The careful choice of materials, the provision of various thicknesses, the timing of different transparent layers and the production cycle are the prerequisite to obtaining the maximum protection that will withstand the most devastating impacts of penetrating projectiles of war described in the relevant NATO standards.

The STANAG Bullet Resistant Glass, Conductive glass and monolithic withstand armor-piercing war mmx51mm caliber 7.62 AP (WC core) with hard tungsten core.

The legislation STANAG 4569 AEP 55 Level 3 or Laminated glass requires that the specimen of glass can withstand the impact of three 7.62 caliber bullets mmx51mm AP (WC Core) shot on target from a distance of 10m. The three bullets have hit at the vertices of an equilateral triangle of 120mm from the side.

The certification requires three identical specimens withstand the full test.

To achieve certification must also have the characteristic to avoid any splinter: no splinters of glass must be disconnected from the rear (the defense).