Emi Shielding Plexy Screen

Emi Shielding Plexy Screen: Wire mesh laminated polycarbonate

RF filter display (Emi Shielding Plexy Screen) must be used to screen the Radiofrequency waves in equipment of many electronic dispositive: avionics monitor, military displays, hospital MRI room, military shelter, confidence o intelligence room windows, nuclear control room plant, ecc.

The Ghiringhelli Company has wide typologies of EMI windows with different solutions able to satisfy and solve RFI problems they are three main families: Emi Shielding Plexy Screen, Emi Shielding Poly Screen and Emi Shielding Glass Screen.

The raw materials used for these different items are many as wire mesh or transparent conductive films, thickness, plastic, machining ecc.

The small optical filters are able to satisfy the particular exigency of electronic equipment as meters or industrial monitors up to consumer devices.

The greater shielding windows, up to 3 square meter, give to the designers the best chance to build great and clear room without compromise the indoor environment liveability.

Our experience and know how can offer shield window from nuclear plants to peacekeeping shelters, from confidential intelligence rooms, to bancomat cabinets.

We can supply this shielding barriers with our personal aluminum frame already prepared with holes to fix with screw to the wall or directly to your frame window.

The aluminum frame has two different kind of our EMI shielding gaskets: the first made with monel or stainless steel wire mesh, the second made with metallized polyester cloth wrapping polyurethane foam core.

EMI SHIELDING PLEXY SCREEN (Polycarbonate Makrolon or Lexan laminated) (on request UL94 V-0)

  • high impact resistance also for safety use
  • indoor excellent flammability performance
  • good stiffness and strength

The wire mesh can be blackened Copper, Stainless Steel natural or burnished, phosphor bronze and brass.

All types can be offered with double or more layers of wire mesh to increase the Shielding performances.

The main characteristics of Ghiringhelli’s EMI shielding windows are the wideness, the clarity, the safety, the customization, the ready to mount in place, the cost effective.