Conductive Film

Conductive Film: Metallized polyester

The society prefers the video connection as the most important way to inform and to communicate through people.

From the little devices to the great panel display, the Ghiringhelli offers the electric conductive film as solution to protect electronic devices from electromagnetic waves disturb.

This vacuum-coated films better the performance of electronic displays enhance stability and definition of conductive layers furthermore maintaining high transparency. They improve touch accuracy, durability, and readability while offering added protection to sensitive components.

We can offer customized solutions that meet Customer’s wish or specific needs. The vacuum-coating technology films results optical-grade raw materials without any optical distortion.

We offer the film also laminated with other raw material as Glass, Plexiglas or Polycarbonate in various thickness, perimeter  machining, holes or steps.

The dimensions are up to 3 square meters. The wide is 1200mm standard. Usually supplied in sheets with dimensions 1220mm x 605mm.

This film serve the PV filed to achieve right and easy way to better photovoltaic problems.

Conductive Film is a transparent conductive film with vacuum deposit of conductive oxide. It has low resistive surface (5Ω/□ average) having high percent of transparency.

The substrate is polyester 175 micron thick and it is optimum compromise between conductivity surface and transparency. When in the right way fixed to the display, Conductive Film gives a good attenuation in NIR field in the range from 1KHz to 10 GHz.

The shielding effectiveness (SE) it is in dB and it can be calculated with the following formula:

SE = 20 log [(7 x / (f x R)]

F = frequency of interest in Hz – R = surface resistivity of film.