Conductive Polyurethane Foam

Conductive Polyurethane Foam: Emi shielding foam

The Polyurethane foams electrically conductive represent a new and very utile row material for electronic equipment.

Our conductive urethane, Faraday Poly, is made by foaming liquid Polyurethane with filler of Copper Nickel. The cushion has a very excellent performance as grounding pad in many electronic devices: inside LCD window such Mobile phone, PMP, PDA, navigation devices, board tablet, etc.

Conductive Polyurethane Foam: Realization

They are made by two or three layers: PET + PU  or PET + PU + PET soldered by conductive  hot melt. The standard thickness are  three but we can meet other measure on request.

In the back face present adhesive XYZ – axis electrically conductive and silicon paper easy to peel off when they have to be mounted. It has a high adhesion strength, holding power and excellence EMI shielding performances.

Moreover the fabric based material has a good strength to protect the under foam from environment attack.

Ghiringhelli’s Faraday Poly, is can be applied as die cut parts or in sheet or in reel. The dimensions standard are the wide (500mm) and the length (1200mm) but we can produce other dimensions or cut to measure to avoid waste raw material