Conductive Gasket &emi shielding gaskets

Conductive Gasket & EMI Shielding Gaskets : We guarantee full support for your applications standard and customized

These EMI Shielding Gaskets (Conductive Gasket) are realized covering one soft foam of Polyurethane, Silicone or Neoprene with conductive polyester woven (Nickel or Tin-Copper electroless or galvanic deposit on all single polyamide yearns and then weaved). This contribute to obtain excellent efficiency shielding and invariability in the time of the conductivity value (until 0.08 Ohm/sq – value max).
The section are square, rectangular, circular or “D” but our equipment, however, allow different form sections.The installation, usually, is realized by a biadhesive tape laid on a side of the gasket (standard). Considered high abrasion resistance of covering woven of this conductive gasket, ideal use is on cabinet doors subject to frequent openings, therefore where it is normally desired a puny clothing strength.