EMI Non Woven Tissues

EMI Non Woven Tissues: Conductive felt

Ghiringhelli’s EMI Non Woven Tissues felt has many thickness and is made weaving polyester fiber metallized through electrochemical deposit with nickel-copper or pure silver. Compact felts are obtained, characterized by a minimum volumetric resistivity, perfectly punch tooling and a competitive price compared with other EMI shielding materials.

The particular quality of this EMI Non Woven Tissues is that the polyester fibers, from which it is composed, are metalized on the single fiber that makes up the yarn and that these have an extreme fineness of a few microns with a length of up to several centimeters. This procedure better the quality and the uniformity of metallization which is essential for achieving a shielding effectiveness without solution of continuity with very good shielding performance.

Once the metallized polyester wadding is passed to interweaving of metallized fibers then passes the calendering and heat-sealing of the felt carpet obtained.
Such materials, with a thickness up to about 1 mm, can be provided as semi-finished or in rolls of varying height tapes for subsequent processing by the customer or blanks into finished shapes in design.

The use of the EMI Non Woven Tissues is recommended when a need for good efficiency shielding, electrostatic discharge protection or grounding or potential equalization of all the electronic cards fitted on the device, without special environmental sealing requirements.
Typical applications are: cable entry plates of case or rack, panels or plates port connectors, permanent closings of electronically carpentry.

The installation is normally carried out by friction, crushing the gasket between two surfaces to be
kept in perfect electrical continuity. Don’t’ hesitate to ask a sample or a quotation free of charge.