Conductive Wire Mesh

Wire mesh over foam core gaskets

These gaskets (Conductive Wire Mesh) are realized wrapping with one or more metallic wire mesh a foam (polyurethane, neoprene and silicone).

To use where the closing are irregular or where a weak is desired strength of closing, but also a certain degree of protection is in demand from the dust or damp.

The installation can simply be effected for attrition or, in absence of throats on the wisecracks, through adhesive strip.


  • – SS (Stainless Steel AISI304): Stainless Steel. Material with good resistance to the corrosion and elevated superficial hardness therefore to use in presence of notable abrasive strengths.
  • – CU (Copper): Copper. This material manifests the best characteristics of screening especially in presence of predominantly electromagnetic field.
  • – BR (Brass): Brass. Good characteristics of screening also in magnetic field.



  • – POLYURETHANE FOAM: open/close cells, anthracite colour, with density from 30 to 95 Kg/m3s, with good elastic recovery and permanent deformation to compression (50%) of 3%, field of temperatures of job from -40°C to +85°C, also with self extinguishing according to the norms UL94-V0.
  • – NEOPRENE: polymer expanded to closed cellular structure, of black colour, with characteristics of good resistance to the bad weather, to the flame, to the oils and the chemical products. The duration is boundless if under normal environment conditions. Density 150 kg / m3, hardness 45 Shore, resistance to the fire UL-94HB, water’s absorption 0.7%, resistance to the ozone (200 ppmh/30°C/48hs): any crack, temperature of service from -40°C to +85°C.
  • – SILICONE: seed-organic polymer, waterproof, with characteristics of good stability and duration, resistant to extreme temperatures (from -55°C to +200°C), light, ozone, damp, chemicals. The silicone is expanded for the sections full and solid for the sections tube circulars, in both cases with good elastic resumption. UL94-V0