Conductive Foam Ultra Soft Seal

Conductive Foam Ultra Soft Seal: Conductive fabric over foam gaskets

The conductive gasket produced by Ghiringhelli are two kind: Conductive Foam Soft Seal and Conductive Foam Ultra Soft Seal in relation to the different comprimibility of their polyurethane foam core. They are made wrapping the soft or ultra soft foam core of Polyurethane or other elastomer with our electric conductive polyester woven: Faraday Nickel Copper Fabric, Faraday Silver Fabric and Faraday Copper Fabric.

Our conductive fabric over foam gaskets are low cost and permit to reach very easy at cost effective the EMC compatibility.

Conductive Foam Ultra Soft Seal is characterized by a low force of closure with great EMI RFI shielding performances reach about since 20% of compression.

The wide gap of closure (from 15% up to 80% of thickness) is a good solution also for grounding and equipotential electric of all electronic components or ESD problems.

The gaskets are good substitute of other more expensive shielding solution as beryllium copper finger strips.

The metallization is made with Nickel-Copper or Silver-Copper electro less or galvanic deposit on all single polyamide yearns and then weaved. This process permit to produce rip-stop polyester electric conductive fabric with high quality of electric and environment performances.

This kind of gasket is able to give excellent efficiency of EMI shielding effectiveness and invariability in the time of the electric conductivity value (until 0.08 Ohm/□ value max).

The metallization process is made in respect to the last directives of RoHS 2.0 for the protection health and the environment from the risks of chemical substances.

These gaskets are made in compliance of flammability test as UL94 and rated as V0 or HB in function of the quality of raw materials. The sections are square, rectangular, circular or “D” “L” or knife edge or Lip profiles. Our equipment, however, allow different size and shape, length or cut to measure.

The installation is applied usually by a bi adhesive acrylic tape on a side of the gasket. Considered high abrasion resistance of the covering cloth, their ideal use is on cabinet doors subject to frequent openings, therefore where it is normally desired a soft or light clothing strength.